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There are many reasons to visit Salzburg, but since it is a relatively shy city, known primarily for its culture, architecture and rich history, there are a few things to do in and around Salzburg that have nothing to do with sightseeing, tours or museums. In this guide we present some well-known places and clichés of the city, which are described in detail in our list "Things to do in Salzburg."

There is also a list of sights in Salzburg that we have not mentioned yet, but which are definitely worth a visit, as they are a pleasure for eyes and soul. Otherwise, for those of you who like to come for good reasons, such as a good place to stay, this is a good reason to visit and a great place for a family outing.

There are also many exciting things to discover, such as the Salzburger Dom, the city's main tourist attraction. If you have time, you can consider a trip to Berchtesgaden, which takes about 3 hours from SalZburg to Vienna. This is a great way to make your first visit to Salzburg, especially if you live in Ber chtegsaden and visit some of the most beautiful sights as well as some great restaurants and shops.

The Panorama Museum may be a nice place to visit with children, but if they don't have the patience for a castle or art museum, it may be a bit too much for them. The Salzburg Museum will certainly give you a better understanding of the history of this city. If you want to get even more Mozart, it offers a large collection of his works, as well as some other great works of art.

For more information on planning your trip in Austria, please visit the website of Austria Tourism, where you will also be kept informed about your adventures and find additional information that complements our Salzburg Travel Blog. We hope you found this article useful and helpful for your travel planning in Austria. On the second day of the SalZburg tour we start with some landmarks and activities in SalZburg. Up here we take a look at the far-reaching views of Salzig, the capital of Austria and one of our favourite places in the country.

The Zoo Entrance is one of the top places to visit in Salzburg, is located only a few minutes from the city center and in the heart of Salzburg at the entrance to the Schlossgarten. The Schlossgarten is our favourite place in Salzburg and the perfect place to rest and unwind while exploring the cities.

Most of Salzburg's sights can be found here and in the winter months the Christmas market, the largest and most popular Christmas market in the world, is held here. If you visit SalZburg in winter, you should definitely visit the Christmas market in front of the SalZburg Cathedral.

Built in 1606, Mirabell Palace is a magnificent palace with extensive gardens, culminating in a breathtaking view of the Salzburg Castle. The Hellbrunn Palace, built between 1612 and 1615, was not only a beautiful place to visit, but also 15 minutes from the centre of Salzburg. The heart and soul of the Salzberg is the cathedral of the city, the largest and most beautiful building in the world and most attractions on your Sal Zburg Card.

The Residenzplatz is bordered on the south side by the Salzburg Cathedral and the DomQuartier SalZburg. South of Salzberg Cathedral lies the hill on which the Salzburg Castle sits, with spectacular views over the city.

Although Salzburg is located on the edge of the Austrian Alps, it has some really nice opportunities for hiking. Whether you don't know it yet or know it as Mozart's birthplace (known as the setting for "The Sound of Music"), it deserves a stop on your trip to Austria. From the view over the Eastern Alps to musical memories: the places you can visit in SalZburg make your holiday a special experience.

With all the attractions of the city, here are 10 of the best places that would definitely convince you to include Salzburg in your itinerary. Ideally, the best accommodation in Salzburg is close by to make the most of what this beautiful city has to offer.

The Hangar Salzburg is a great base for exploring the city if you fly to SalZburg or stay in the West End of the cities. This hotel is ideal for travelers who want to explore Sal Zburg on foot without throwing stones or parking their cars in a multi-storey car park.

A perfect winter excursion would be to Obertauern, where you can combine a visit to Salzburg with a trip to the Austrian capital Vienna, if you like. If you are planning a winter holiday in Austria or even just a few days in the city, you should consider whether you want to go to SalZburg for one or two days. Combine your holiday in Sal Zburg, as we did, with your stay in the Austrian capital Vienna, and you will certainly not be disappointed.

More About Salzburg

More About Salzburg