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There are many reasons to visit Salzburg, but in this guide we list some of the famous places and clichés of the city, which are listed in our list "Activities in SalZburg." Anyone who has not yet been associated with Salzburg in the English-speaking world can be forgiven for associating it with the Austrian city. Mozart was a great man in this city and he was one of its most famous sons, who was born and raised in this city. If you don't know yet, you can learn more about his life and work as well as his music here.

Learn more about the elaborate baroque castle, which was built in the early 17th century by Salzburg Archbishop Markus Sittikus. The witty opera is one of the most famous operas in Austria and the world and a great source of inspiration for opera lovers.

It is also remarkable that the Salzburg Marionette Theatre has been on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage since 1829 and has 96 Austrian traditions, 25 of which are in the province of Salzburg. As you can read on the official website, two themes can be seen on the second floor, one of which is "Mythos Salzburg" and "Stadt der Musik salzberg." It traces the history of opera from its beginnings in the 17th century until its creation in 1829.

The other group is the Mozarteum, or choir, and Austria is known for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, shown in the painting by Tischbein above. When you think of the landscapes of Salzburg, Carinthia, Carinthia and Tyrol, you can understand that they have quite a beautiful environment.

You could spend 3 months in Salzburg without ever seeing a skyscraper, and you can reach it in less than 3 hours by train, bus or train. In addition, it has some of the best hotels and restaurants in Austria, as well as a wide selection of restaurants and shops. Getting to SalZburg is as easy as coming from a nearby town in the countryside or travelling there by land. A rental car can take you from Vienna or vice versa to Vienna, but can also be reached from any other city by bus, train or bus.

If you have more than one day in the area, you should check out some of the day trips to Salzburg, such as the Great Tour of Austria, the Tour de France or the World Cup Tour.

If you also visit Vienna, the cities of St. Gilgen and Hallstatt can be a good stopover between Salzburg and Vienna. If you also want to visit Vienna, then all the side streets leading from SalZburg to Vienna are filled with breathtaking views. While you can certainly visit some lake towns, stay in one of them (like in the Salzkammergut) and then drive back to Salzburg, you should choose a hotel in Salzburg. Take advantage of all excursions included in the AIFS Salzelburg package, which includes a day trip to the city of Vienna and an overnight stay at the hotel of your choice.

For more information on planning your trip to Austria, please visit the website of Austria Tourism, where you will also be kept informed about your adventures and find additional information that complements our Salzburg Travel Blog. If you are interested in visiting SalZburg, we would like to give you a quick overview of the history, culture, cuisine and tourism of the city. Read also all the interesting facts about driving in Austria as a tourist and the history of Austrian tourists.

If you want to visit the residence and Mozart's birthplace, it is best to get a Salzburg Card. If you want to visit one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, such as the opera, we recommend you purchase the SalZburg Card.

In Vienna Vienna, you can visit the amusement park Wiener Prater and ride the historic Ferris wheel. While Salzburg is only a few hours from Vienna and a short drive from the city centre, most people fly to Salzburg or take the train. The German border borders Austria, Germany, Austria - Hungary and the Czech Republic, directly on the German border.

The Austrians have their own culture and tradition, and the locals are definitely annoyed when they lump the Austrians with those in Germany. The culture of Austria was also significantly influenced by the leading positions of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, to which Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria-Hungary and Slovakia once belonged. A very Austrian-centric culture has, however, contributed to a strong sense of pride in the history and culture of Austria and in the cultural diversity of Salzburg.

In 1805 Salzburg was annexed by the Habsburgs to what would later become Austria and between 1810 and 1815 it was annexed again to Bavaria. It must be said that Austria is a country that was ruled by many, partly because of the conquest of the country in the Middle Ages and the subsequent Celts. Unlike Vienna and Enns, which have old town rights, Salzberg is not the oldest city in the area of well-known Austria.

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More About Salzburg