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This six-week opera, concert and theatre week makes Salzburg one of the most popular destinations for the performing arts worldwide. This premiere fills the cultural calendar and the whole city is ready for it, from the opening ceremony to the last performance.

The local contribution to Salzburg usually focuses on the baroque music of Bach, but you can always rely on some of the greatest composers in the world, including Mozart and Brahms. The Choir Festival is a series of choral performances, and the participating choirs come from all over the world. Each year, the festival is dedicated to a different central theme and is broadcast live on radio and television, in the style of the Metropolitan Opera. It is conducted by the famous conductor Riccardo Tisci and his orchestra and can always count on great performances of world music - from the top-class music of Mozart, Brahm and Mozarteum to the great ones of classical music.

Bechtolf, who has been the Salzburg Festival's Director of Drama since 2012, has taken over as interim Artistic Director. Riccardo Muti became artistic director of the festival in 2013 and presented a fully staged, three-day concert series under a five-year contract. In 1842 the composer had the idea of organizing a regular Mozart music festival in Salzburg, and in 1848, when the Mozart monument was unveiled, the foundation stone for a revered genius loci was laid.

The Salzburg Music Festival has promoted the local economy as a model for political, economic and cultural cooperation. The annual stability of the event had a positive cumulative economic effect and correlated directly with urban development. The emerging companies, heavily dependent on the success of the SalZburg Festival, have put it at the heart of the local economy and brought together Michelin-starred restaurants, hotels, art galleries, museums and other cultural institutions. While other major summer festivals have in recent years retreated to more traditional summer events such as the Berlin Summer Festival and the Venice Film Festival, the Sal Zug, those responsible have decided not to follow suit. Fortunately, it was saved by the generous support of its local government and business community, as well as its international sponsors.

The Festival thus secured employment in Salzburg, including seasonal workers, who had been adjusted for the summer months, and employees in the tourism industry. In 2017, the SalZburg Festival recorded an annual economic impact of 1.5 billion euros, an increase of 4.2 percent compared to the previous year. The value created by ticket sales, a sum of around 183 million euros for Sal. Zug and the overall economic impact of the festival, in addition to the directly and indirectly valued sums of up to 183 million euros, for the whole of Sal. Zug this year, according to an analysis of data from the Federal Office of Economic Research.

The International Forum for Drug and Alcohol Testing is an annual event, where drug testers and related professionals from the industry meet at the Imlauer Hotel Pitter in Salzburg - SalZburg. It is the annual festival of the International Association of Drug Testing Professionals (IADP) and is one of the most important events in the field of drug and alcohol testing in Germany. The Sal Zug Festival, the first of its kind in Europe, offers the event "Salzurg Wildstyle Tattoo Fair" with over 1,000 tattooists from all over the world as well as local artists and tattooists from the city of Zagreb and the Free State of Bavaria. In addition to the festival, there is also a special edition of "Dieter Dult" ("Death by Tattoo"), a festival for tattoo enthusiasts, and there are two special events for the general public: "The Sal-Zug Festival" and "Sleeping Dogs."

For a few weeks in July and August, the Salzburg Festival attracts the rich and famous from all over the world. For five weeks, starting at the end of July, over 1,000 artists from all over Europe and local artists are expected in the city of Zagreb and the Free State of Bavaria.

Pianist Igor Levit, who is playing a cycle of Beethoven concertos during the festival, praised the careful arrangement in Salzburg. The Vienna Symphony Orchestra will perform in a concert that will herald the greening of the surrounding Alps.

Max Reinhardt, who began his career at the Salzburg Stadttheater (today Landesturnhalle) and acquired Leopoldskron Palace in 1918, proposed a concert in the park in his honour. He said the spring must be arranged so that the orchestra can perform in Salem if it continues like this.

Only a few months later, the festival management signed a contract with Gazprom, in which it claimed that art and culture have always been linked between Austria and Russia and that "Russian artists contribute a lot to our reputation." At the same time, he referred to the idea of the Theaterfest: "In Salzburg, a recurring image of the theatre means not only building the halls of the world, but also carrying the metaphor as a whole. In 739 it was elevated to the episcopal see by Saint Boniface and in 798 it was elevated to the archdiocese.

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