Salzburg Austria Accor Hotel

Rustic country style in old Austria, many restaurants charmingly decorated and the ultimate in rustic luxury can be found in the world-famous Hotel Goldener Hirsch. It is difficult for a Salzburg hotel to have a good location, but you will find one that just overlooks the beautiful streets of the old town. The historic city center is one of the most beautiful places in Austria and a great place to be if it is possible. But it is best if you are in a small town, not too far from the city center or even just a few kilometers away.

If you have a car, you can choose a hotel in a converted castle on the outskirts of the city. Note also that many hotels in this area are not accessible by car, as cars are not allowed on many roads. If you are looking for an alternative to the old city centre and the best ones a little further from the city centre, then you should stay in private homes.

The Tourist Office does not list private rooms, so if you do not have a reservation, go to the hotel website or to the city centre private accommodation office or to a private hotel. Try calling Eveline, as private accommodation services are run by private companies such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and even private travel agencies.

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More About Salzburg

More About Salzburg