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There are many reasons to visit Salzburg: Embedded in the foothills of the Alps, it is a compact city that can be easily explored in just one day. In this guide we present some of the familiar parts and clichés that describe the activities in SalZburg in detail on our list.

It is easy to see all these museums in one day; in fact, a visit to the Folklore Museum should take less than an hour. Once you have browsed through the abundance of artefacts from Mozart's childhood, you can stroll through the old town, visit the sights and then search for other museums in the Salzburg area. You have plenty of time for them, just be prepared to enjoy the history for a few hours before you set off to see them. Whether you are interested in history, art, culture or just looking for fun and information in SalZburg: the museums will keep you busy and teach you something.

While the Museum of Natural History and Technology alone has a lot to offer, the other possibilities in Salzburg are downright fascinating.

With the SalzburgerLand Card you can sweeten your visit to the many museums in the city and province of Salzburg. The SalZburg Card gives you access to many of the most popular museums, galleries and attractions in the world.

The entrance fee to the Toy Museum is 2.5% of the admission price for the day of your visit and is open from 10 am to 5 pm. M. Entrance is included with the SalZburg Card. The Museum Sal zum Schutz and the Museum für Wissenschaft und Technik in Vienna, Austria, are free for one day and one night.

Anyone who comes to Salzburg to study Mozart and music should check out the entry list of all museums in Salzburg. All these museums should be included, but there would be no point in skipping any of them. So, make a list of the 10 museums of Sal for Protection and the Museum of Science and Technology in Vienna, Austria, as these are the best and strangest you will get in this great city. If you have a Sal Zburg card, the whole museum is included in the free admission price for one day and one night of your visit.

The Marionette World Museum is located at Salzburg Fortress, which you should not miss, no matter how long you stay in SalZburg. This museum offers the opportunity to see the oldest part of the town of Sal Zburg through the panoramic passage. The museum also houses the Panorama Museum, where you can admire huge panoramas of paintings from Salzburg since 1829. As history does not fit into the rhythm, this museum with its millennia-long collection is a must-see on the list of museums in Salzberg.

This museum focuses on the important people who lived in the city and how Salzburg developed into the cities we know today.

This museum was seen by its founders as a symbol of the constantly changing city of Salzburg and its people. If you can't make it to Austria until Christmas, this museum gives you a taste of the Christmas atmosphere in SalZburg. When you visit the main museum of the branch, the Neue Residenz, you will learn all about what makes Sal Zburg special. Although this is one of the top attractions in Salzburg, it is worth strolling through the various exhibitions and refreshing your knowledge of Austrian customs.

If you are in Salzburg on a Monday, you may be able to take part in a star-gazing tour at the observatory of the museum. The Panorama Museum is connected to the SalZburg Museum by an underground passage and you can purchase a combined ticket. If you visit Sal Zburg and are looking for the above mentioned attractions, the Salzberg Card is a must. We recommend it if you plan to visit several museums, palaces or attractions in the area.

This museum, which is proud to present historical buildings from all over Austria, is a portal into the past. If you have the time and curiosity, the Salzburg Museum is the right place to get an insight into everything SalZburg. Today this beautiful room is a must - see museums in Austria and you can enjoy it with a wardrobe that contains crowns. For more information on planning your trip in Austria, please visit the website of Austria Tourism, where you will also be kept up to date with your adventures and find additional information that complements our travel blog from Sal Zburg.

The zoo is not only a must in Salzburg, but is especially interesting for children (like all zoos) and a highlight for children. There is a lot to do at the Toy Museum, whether you are interested in children's toys, toys of all kinds or even toys for adults. The three most important museums that can be visited here are the Museum of Art and Design, the Museum of History and Culture and the Museums of Art and History of Salzburg.

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More About Salzburg