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There are many reasons to visit Salzburg and in this guide we have highlighted some of the best things to do in and around Salzburg as well as some well-known parts and clichés that are listed in our list "Things to do in SalZburg." For more information on planning your trip in Austria, please visit the website of Austria Tourism, where you will also be kept up to date with all your adventures and find additional information that complements our travel blog from Sal Zburg. The city has a number of original "Sound of Music" films and venues that can be visited as part of our self-guided Sound Music Tour.

If you don't stay in Salzburg, you can also book a ticket for one or two nights in one of the many hotels in the city free of charge.

The Salzburg Festival is preceded by an international avant-garde dance festival, which spans a period of two weeks. The showpiece concerts are a concern, but it is not the only festival in the city, and not even the most important.

One man who was born there in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was fully exploited by the booming tourism industry. The annual Salzburg Festival, the world's largest music festival, will take place for five weeks from the end of July. Mozart lived in Salzburg for the first two decades of his life, after unsuccessfully trying to start his career as a composer in Germany, Italy and France.

Outside the official programme of the Salzburg Festival, the most important events of the Festival, such as concerts, performances, lectures, workshops, concerts and exhibitions, are under the patronage of the sister festival in Vienna, the Vienna International Music Festival. Below is a summary of what is offered at the annual festival, as well as a list of other events and events.

The first Salzburg International Music Festival, the first of its kind, took place in 1926-1932 and was more successful and international, welcoming many tourists from abroad. In the 1930s, however, the festival's popularity suffered a severe blow with the outbreak of World War II and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Salzburg Festival, because the Chamber Music Initiative was in a dry place, only took place in the summer months of September and October, and only for a few days.

The von Trapp family is inseparably linked to Salzburg, but never appeared at the Festival in real life and won it in 1936. Austrian and culturally German people do not see them as an important part of their cultural heritage, for whatever reason. Strangely enough, most Austrians have never seen Sound of Music and certainly do not know the song. It is an obvious paradox that a festival that is supposed to present SalZburg as Mozart's Bayreuth is allowed to perform Mozart's works in a meaningful way in the opening year of the Festival.

Perhaps knowing that the Salzburg Festival was being used opportunistically to present a conservative, pious and pious Austria, Egon Wellesz and Rudolf Reti - Alfred - planned an international chamber music festival in 1922, which was to take place simultaneously with the Salzburg Festival, which in turn was to take place in the summer of 1924, in order to launch the idea of SalZburg as a musical high temple. The Jewish conductor and composer Karl Alwin, to whom Claire is married, has already performed at the Sal Zburg and Mozart Festivals. The Da Ponte operas were performed in Vienna in 1925, the year before this year's opening of the festival, to "bring the ideas of a Salzburg musical" Hochtempel "" to the stage. "

The new rules, presented on May 25, allowed the organizers to announce the Salzburg Festival. Almost immediately, an influx of Jewish singers and performers moved from Germany to Austria and came to the Festival, and the new director of the Festival, Wilfried Ziegler, a former conductor and composer, joined the group to educate them about the impact that Sound of Music had on Salzburg and the surrounding Salzburgerland.

To keep the summer plans open - finished - Salzburg cancelled its Whitsun Festival, but only after the costs for the two-week festival had been calculated for the first time in its history. It was to begin in Salzburg's city centre and culminate in the magnificent Alpine landscape surrounding the city, with a grand finale on July 4, the day after Christmas.

The tour is also a chance to go out into the surrounding nature of Salzburg, where you can see the panorama of the opening scene of Sound of Music. The scene was actually shot on a sound stage in Hollywood and built as a replica of the guarded crypts in Salzburg, Austria. It was born of the desire for a more intimate and intimate experience with the music and people of this beautiful city.

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More About Salzburg