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The month of May is the perfect time to visit Salzburg, the fourth largest city in Austria, and to be honest, the city does not feel particularly big. Read on, we propose 10 places you can visit in May 2017 in the city of the largest cities in Austria. Austria's fourth largest city is the second most populous after Vienna with over 1.5 million inhabitants.

Nevertheless, due to the local atmosphere, it is a great place to experience modern life in Salzburg and mingle with the locals. The chances of getting in at night from SalZburg are quite good, you just have to visit the right nightclubs, bars and restaurants. We invite you all to experience the nightlife of Sal Zburg in a different and interesting way.

This highly rated hostel is ideal for backpackers who want to stay close to the main sights, stay on the move and experience Salzburg's nightlife. This is the perfect place for backpackers who are only visiting for a short trip or want to visit SalZburg for more than a few days or even a few weeks in the summer months.

To the obvious attractions you can certainly add some of Salzburg's most popular tourist attractions, such as the city centre, the Old Town and the Old Town Square. This gives you the opportunity to explore all the cities and visit local attractions that allow you to see life in SalZburg from a different side.

In order to be as helpful as possible in this office, we wanted to include accommodation and therefore offered a varied program throughout the year. This hotel is one of the most affordable in the centre of Salzburg and offers everything you need for a short stay in the city. For more information about the Salzbergfestival, call (0662) 8045 or visit

Authentic Irish is just the thing for an entertaining, electrifying evening in Salzburg, with a diverse mix of music, food and drinks and a great view of the city skyline. The good food, great drinks and great atmosphere in this hotel make it the best place to spend the evening in salzberg.

Many travelers love the food there, but Salzburg also has a great place to eat in one of the city's best restaurants, considered one of the oldest in Europe. There is also another restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Austrian cuisine with the same wonderful view, called Zistelalm.

The nightlife in Salzburg is no less interesting and colourful, but has the advantage that it feels less touristy in the old town. There are a lot of restaurants, bars and bars offering excellent food and drinks, and there is an annual cultural event that reaches its climax at the end of the night. Here you meet up with the locals for a drink and a dance, and it is a great place for an entertaining evening with friends and family.

The two best are the Stieglkeller and the Augustiner Brau, both of which brew their own beer in Salzburg. You can also find them in the city centre and in the old town, and even a bottle of their beer can be bought at the beer market, as they are the number one brewery in Salzburg.

The location of this new city allows you to explore the city centre, the old town and even a small part of the Salzburg landscape. You can spend a week exploring the new city and its surroundings, from the old town to the new town and back.

Those who travel to Salzburg to enjoy the nightlife should stay in the Neustadt. Salzburg's Old Town is the most central place to stay. If you are in Sal Zburg to enjoy the natural beauty of the Austrian landscape, then a stay in the Nonntal is a good choice for you.

German is the official language of Austria, although most of the people of Salzburg speak the Austro-Bavarian dialect. Vienna is located at the eastern end of the Austrian-Slovak border, SalZburg at the western end, near the border with the Czech Republic and Hungary and the southern end with Slovakia.

Since Salzburg is located directly on the German border, most people take the train or fly to Vienna or take the train from Vienna to Salzburg. If you only want to travel to and from Salzburg, the Bayern Pass is the cheapest option.

The fact that Salzburg is not the largest city or capital of the country makes it a slightly cheaper place, but it offers a range of fun activities and accommodation and sighs for people with all kinds of budgets. The easiest and most scenic journey to Salzburg leads from Vienna to the mountains. So continue and take the one hour bus service back to your accommodation in Sal Zburg.

Salzburg is not as majestic as Vienna, but it also has some of the most beautiful views in the country and is one of Austria's most popular tourist attractions. Vienna is also known for its Heurigen vineyards, which offer traditional Austrian folk music, often combined with a variety of beers and wines, as well as a wide range of food and drinks. East of the Elisabethvorstadt, Schallmoos is the best place to have fun in SalZburg. BnB is a good place for locals to explore the good places in Sal Zburg, as the city center of Sal Zburg is only a short bus ride away and only a few minutes from the city center.

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More About Salzburg