Private Tour - Grande Estate Gut Aiderbichl

Private Tour - Grande Estate Gut Aiderbichl
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Duration: 4 hours
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A Private Tour beyond the beaten tracks may open new perspectives.

Gut Aiderbichl Estate in Henndorf located 20 km east of Salzburg surrounded by breathtaking landscape is a most remarkable success story.

Established in the year of 2000 on a former Celtic ritual and spiritual site, this grand estate with its neighboring properties offers space and shelter for about 1000 animals.  Economically nearly self-supporting, with numerous permanent employees providing round-the-clock care, Gut Aiderbichl became an animal welfare legendary – also thanks to an enthusiastic support of numerous celebrities such as Hugh Grant, Pamela Anderson, Roger Moore - just to name a few who acutally visted this estate - as well as media representatives producing glowing reports about their experience. 

Join this one-of-a-kind 4 hour private tour to Gut Aiderbichl including a 1.5 h exclusive guided tour through the estate. Visit the stables, kennels and little houses and learn more about the rescued animals and their history. Enjoy some free time and stroll around on the grounds or have some coffee and cake among free-roaming donkeys, pigs, goats etc. 

Soak up this magic atmosphere of human and animal interaction summarized best by owner and founder Mr. Michael Aufhauser:

Even if we were to succeed in protecting animals from humans, our achievement would amount to nothing. It’s only when we’ve succeeded in no longer needing to protect animals that we’ll have reached our goal. Then, we’ll truly have changed something: OURSELVES."

A Private Tour beyond the beaten tracks may open new perspectives.